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Limestone is an extraordinarily popular material for use as wall and floor claddings because of its unique aesthetics. In addition to its looks, this natural stone also satisfies high technical standards. It is, however, not acid resistant and also quite porous. Cleaning the surfaces after installation and providing them with an adequate protective treatment therefore takes experience and the right choice of products.

After installation, a haze of grouting materials remains on the surface and must be removed. Normally the installer would use an acid based cement residue remover to accomplish this task, but in this case the stone's sensitivity does not allow for such a treatment. In the case of this high-end private apartment, Robert Boejte of Refined Floor Care therefore use the alkaline Lithofin MN Power-Clean to soak and therefore soften the residues before removing them with a nylon pad. With this technique, Robert was able to remove builders' dirt and grout haze without having to worry about damaging the stone.

Since the stone is quite porous, Robert next had to decide on a suitable protective treatment to avoid staining in the future. Since water borne dirt, soap scum, oils and grease are pollutants to be reasonably expected in a bathroom, the water and oil repelling Lithofin MN Stain-Stop was chosen for the work. This protective impregnator forms a protective film inside the capillary system and is invisible once it has dried. What remains is a beautiful surface with a long-term protective effect, that –with proper care- will remain looking its best for many years.




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